Pitt Football in the ACC: How do the Panthers stack up?

When Pitt was about to join the Atlantic Coast Conference I wrote about Pitt’s chances for success in football after playing in the Big East Conference which was often called the Big Least Conference.

My article from 2013 was originally published at: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1592151-pitt-football-in-the-acc-how-do-the-panthers-stack-up

You probably have heard the investment disclaimer, “Past performance may not be indicative of future results.” When it comes to the University of Pittsburgh football team’s move this year into the Atlantic Coast Conference from the Big East Conference, Pitt fans certainly hope that’s the case.

For much of the past three decades, Pitt’s football team has not played up to expectations.

Moving from the Big East to the ACC certainly doesn’t bode well for Pitt’s fortunes, as the ACC is a step up in terms of quality of play. Since 2004, the ACC has had three or more teams finish ranked in the top 25 seven times, the Big East only twice.

Photo credit: Thomson20192 via Visualhunt /  CC BY

John Baranowski is a Sports Historian and contributor to newspapers, sports publications and sports websites.

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